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Is it time to invest in redesigning my digital product? It is a question that many product leaders need to answer. This is an article to help you make decisions by giving you contextual information and concrete examples.

Some design activities can be applied as iterative improvements, like changing certain user flows to increase usability, which usually the product designers are being responsible for. Those activities are already put in place in many organizations. And some design activities are bigger, strategic events, and these are usually a top-down decision. The main…

Product Management is one of the most sophisticated jobs of our time. It has no school where you can learn it entirely and there are plenty of product expert articles about the common tasks like analyzing, setting the KPI’s or agile development. You probably had that “but this article doesn’t apply to my me or my company…” moment, right?

Product management varies by organizations and the product itself. Also the seniority of the team, even the market can change the focus and the tasks of the job. …

Can you explain product management to your parents? When you say that you are a product manager did you encounter questions like “How many products are you selling in your company?” and did you see a big disappointment when you say “just 1!”.

Nice products. I’ll try to explain the difference of the product term what all the startup people talk about.

Are you trying to improve your speech by explaining your job by the feedback you get every time, did you already find a perfect sentence that always works? The most common one is:

“A product manager is the CEO of the product.”

This is probably the cheapest bullshit I’ve ever heard. Still, I am happy because it…

It has always been a critical issue for people to experience a product, but thinking about it properly is still not common. UX (user experience) is one of the most encompassing term in design because it applies to almost all fields.

UX researches are actually anthropologists. A few minutes of a chat with people, or even an observation is usually more valuable than brainstorms which takes hours. Designing the product, space or service without knowing who and how it might be used it is art, not design. …

There are many symbols which we think that they are global but in fact they are not. Product designers usually doesn’t reach out and think of symbols if they are already in peoples life.

The example above shows that. What do you understand if you see a ‘sun’ icon on a product? Well… it depends, is it on a heating or on a faucet?

Mehmet Perk

I write about products, product management, business strategies, and their impact on people.

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